Gas Safety (GSIUR) Regulation 36

Regulation 36 – What about Servicing?

It seems like only yesterday I casually asked a Boiler rep “Are you altering your warranty terms to suit the Regulation 36 amendments?”

“The what?”

Oh I’ll go ask Gas Safe.

Unfortunately it soon transpired that Gas Safe (or at least their representatives at Coventry’s finest of Stadia) were just as bemused by my question.

Regulation 36

For anyone who’s a bit rusty on Regulation 36(A), this delightful amendment now allows landlord Gas Safety Inspections to be done within a 2 month window (10-12 months from the previous inspection) and effectively forward dated (see HSE).

Put simply, if it is due on the 30th July, it could be done on the 30th May and still be dated 30th July.

Regulation 36 – So what’s the problem?

I always thought checking for gas leaks and carbon monoxide every 12 months was excessive.

I hoped that my dream of this being extended to 14 months had finally come true.

Unfortunately it appears there has been little thought about those maverick engineers who combine landlord Gas Safety Inspections with boiler servicing. Boiler servicing that must be done every 12 months (maximum) and cannot be forward dated.

Regulation 36 - Gas Safety

So if I attend on 30th May,  I must date the service record 30th May, but I can date the safety check as 30th July as per the above example.  When 2019 comes hurtling around the corner as years tend to, it will bring with it a fresh 2 month window (30th May-30th July). Let say for whatever reason I attend on 20th July next year (2019). I can still date the Gas Safety Certificate 30th July thanks to good ol’ 36A. But, I have inadvertently voided up to 8 years of the remaining boiler warranty in the process.

If any of my existing landlords would like me to accommodate the new regulations then I will be charging an additional £45 – £60 to arrange a second visit when annual boiler servicing is required.

Or do we stick with the old fashioned approach? Schedule it on month 11 and aim to carry it out in week 50, at a potential loss of £2.50 per year per rental property?